About us


I’m Marie, founder and creator of Seraphic Moon which launched in early 2022.  I’m a happy, easy going fun loving candle maker from the picturesque seaside town of Stonehaven in Scotland.

I love all things esoteric and found the missing piece to my spiritual puzzle when I discovered candle-making.  Finally, something I am excited and passionate about, which I’m eager to share with you.

Candles capture all four natural elements – air, fire, water and earth – and I am gifting these wonderful essences to you for help with joy, relaxation or indulgence; there’s a candle for every mood.

I completed an advanced candle making course in early 2021, and now handcraft candles from my home.  I have spent many hours sourcing the best quality products and elite, signature scents to bring each and every one of you some handmade, personal magic for your own home.  

We all deserve some ‘me time’ and what better way than indulging in an exotically-scented candle and finding your zen. Watch the hypnotic flicker of flame and let the comforting aroma of each signature scent envelop you.  

I am fascinated by the magic of the universe and all things spiritual, and delighted to be able to merge my two passions in life to bring you Seraphic Moon.  

From me to you ... believe in your dreams. ❤